Tesla at Thunder Valley Amphitheater

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Thunder Valley Amphitheater | Lincoln, California

Have you heard yet? The epic Tesla are going to get metalheads bouncing on Saturday 11th June 2022 when they bring their unrivalled concert to the iconic Thunder Valley Casino Amphitheater in Lincoln, California. This show marks the best opportunity to order tickets if you are a true fan. Catching Tesla live isn’t something you can do very often, as this tour is one of the most anticipated tours of 2022. For the last few months, fans have been taking to social media to discuss the pulsating sounds that will shake visitors to their core. Tesla simply put is the greatest metal band in the country and this appearance makes Lincoln the only place to be this month. So don’t wait, if you want to secure your tickets, do it soon before they run out!

Tesla at Thunder Valley Casino Amphitheater

As any metallover in the know will confirm – Thunder Valley Casino Amphitheater is the top-notch location for the most authentic and banging concerts in Lincoln. The venue has a furious reputation across California for keeping its finger on the pulse of the metal and hard rock scene and cooks up head-banging gigs for the patrons. On Saturday 11th June 2022 the mighty venue once will prove this image by welcoming the iconic Tesla on its stage! The hosts will take care to make the evening unforgettable by securing the finest viewing and sonic experience. The combination of crisp acoustics and mind-bending sound system draws the most refined soundscape you can think of, while the crazy light shows and pyrotechnics will transfer you to another dimension. Put shortly – Thunder Valley Casino Amphitheater always makes sure that the patrons enjoy the exhilarating act from every angle, while the genre’s biggest stars work their magic right before their eyes. Just hit the Buy Ticket button and treat yourself and close ones with an action-packed Saturday night out!

Tesla at Thunder Valley Casino Amphitheater

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